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The Vernon Nissan service department is equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair technologies to ensure our Individual Inventory Service Specialists have access to everything they need to get their repairs done properly and efficiently.

Our service centre is equipped to handle everything from Nissan engine and transmission repairs to scheduled maintenances and even car and truck detailing. We ensure that all of our staff has access to the most up-to-date training and are prepared to work on the modern technologies aboard your vehicle. This is critical for complicated repairs like automatic transmission services.

A quick oil change can be the difference between your vehicle running efficiently on the road, and a future filled with potentially expensive repair bills. While it might not seem important at the time, regular Nissan warranty-approved oil changes and quick lube changes are important components of your vehicle’s ongoing maintenance.

Get your oil change at Vernon Nissan for competitive oil change prices and excellent service.

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Excellent Service for Your Nissan
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